Sunday, February 09, 2014

Les Olympiques chez ERB!

Olympic FEVER is "high" at Ecole Robert Browning!  Every morning for the past 2 weeks, student representatives have been carrying the "Olympic Torch" through our hallways!  It has been an awesome experience to watch the growing pride and anticipation of the Olympic events, as students lined the hallways to cheer their peers on!  Please watch this great video clip, lovingly created by our very own Mme Johanne Sawyer - Admininstrative Assistant Extraordinaire, which highlights the torch bearing events with the culmination at our February School Assembly held in our gymnasium this past Friday, February 7.  You will notice the abundance of RED & WHITE clothing!  Thank you to M Vermeylen for sharing this great idea with us and to all the staff who helped carry it through.  Merci beaucoup!   Vas-y Canada!! Let's go CANADA!

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