Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parent Council Fundraiser Updates

The QSP magazine fundraiser was a great success! We reached and surpassed our goal of 700 magazine subscriptions sold. Congratulations! We are in the process of counting and submitting everything. We will have an update about total of funds raised and prizes to distribute soon. 
Thank you to everyone that participated. 

A small, on-going fundraiser of Mabel's Labels is now available to support Parent Council.
Mabel's Labels provides the opportunity to create personalized labels for clothing, lunch supplies, bags, shoes and other personal effects. They are high quality, long lasting and don't come off in the washing machine or dishwasher. A small investment in labels can save you a lot on replacing lunch containers, winter clothing, shoes, sports equipment and all the other things children typically misplace.

Products can be viewed and ordered at The Mabel's Labels company handles everything - order and payment collection, printing and then shipment directly to the purchaser. Robert Browning Parent Council gets 20% of the sales just for promoting their excellent products. 

Check it out. Just make sure you see "Your fundraiser is Ecole Robert Browning Parent Council" at the top of the webpage to ensure we get proper credit.

Thank you
Lisa Omand
Parent Council Vice-President 

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